I am an attorney working and living in New York City. I have become passionate with food and checking out new restaurants over time, and started posting my reviews on Yelp as well. Here are four reasons why you should check out my blog:

  1. I have my own rating, KenScale, with a perfect score of 10. While I do mention other aspects of dining experience at a restaurant like its bar program, service, ambiance, etc., I will focus mainly on whether I liked the dishes that I tried. Overall, I have visited over 350 restaurants in New York City (and dozens more outside) during my 6 plus years of stay in the Big Apple.
  2. I have the financial means to pay my own way around restaurants in New York City and beyond, which means my review will not be biased or influenced by any other factors besides the quality of food. If, per chance, I happen to know someone at the kitchen (or my dining companion does) and I get a freebie, I fully disclose that fact.
  3. I don’t cook at home, and am no means by expert in the nuance of different flavor, texture, ingredient or technique, but I feel passionate about trying new dishes and will be informative and accessible to a casual diner without making your head spin. In other words, I won’t be talking about how this particular foie gras was made, but I will certainly mention whether a foie gras dish that I tried worked for me.
  4. While I live in New York City, I try to travel as often as I can on the weekends and during my vacation to expand my culinary journey. My travel plan often hinges on whether the place that I will visit has a number of worthwhile restaurant destinations to check out.

I don’t mean to be some food snob who thinks he is the best restaurant critic in the world. I am relatively easy to please and I don’t find my taste level as picky. I don’t have a sense of dry humor or sarcasm like some professional critics do, but I will strive to provide straightforward, no-nonsense observation of my dining experience.