Thai Chef

KenScale: 8.0/10
Rockville, MD
Months Visited: June & July 2022
Colorful Carousels and Catfish Curry


KenScale: 8.25/10
Manhattan, NY
Date Visited: September 7, 2019
Want Some Fiery Thai Food?


KenScale: 8.0/10
Portland, OR
Date Visited: July 5, 2019
Inside a Cult Thai Supper Club in Portland

Ugly Baby – Revisit

KenScale: 8.75/10
Brooklyn, NY
Date Visited: March 16, 2019
The Second KenScale All-Star Tag Goes to Ugly Baby

Uncle Boons Sister

KenScale: 7.75/10
Manhattan, NY
Date Visited: January 19, 2017
Not an Ordinary Thai Take-out Spot

Ugly Baby

KenScale: 8.5/10
Brooklyn, NY
Date Visited: November 24, 2017
That Time I Lost the Most Amount of Sweat at a Restaurant

Fish Cheeks

KenScale: 8.0/10
Manhattan, NY
Date Visited: December 29, 2016
Where Do You Get Your Thai Food Fix?

The Lucky Bee

KenScale: 8.0/10
Manhattan, NY
Date Visited: June 10, 2016
A Marriage of Seasonality and Spice