I love speakeasy bars in New York City that have secret entrances and charming space inside serving great cocktail selections. Obviously, it’s hard to keep a speakeasy in New York secret once you start making a name as an awesome hang-out spot; I still haven’t been able to visit the famed PDT, due to the fact it gets constantly mobbed by crowds day in and day out. On the other hand, the number of secret restaurants is far and few between. This year, for instance, out of over 120 places I’ve visited in New York , I can only think of Karasu in Brooklyn and dinnertable in East Village as the only “behind the curtain” spots. One place in the city out of this rarefied category that has been around for a long time now and been able to stay relatively under the radar is Bohemian in NoHo neighborhood. It’s a Japanese restaurant behind a Japanese butcher shop where you need a secret phone number to call for reservations based on referral from someone who already knows the restaurant and is on the restaurant’s list. It sounds circular, but you get the point on the air of exclusivity this place tries to convey. I’ve actually been to Bohemian a couple of years ago through my friend and liked the place but I wouldn’t say my dining experience was great. For the Christmas Eve dinner with my girlfriend, I wanted to see if this place has changed at all and decided to come for a second visit. Overall, I had a very satisfying meal.

Farmer’s Fresh Vegetable and Fondue
Chef’s Sashimi Selection (Blue Fin Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, Tuna, Scottish Salmon and Sea Urchin)

The Christmas Eve special at Bohemian consisted of a $95 per person tasting menu, starting with fresh vegetable and fondue that is being heated right in front of you. The vegetable was incredibly fresh and I really liked the way the fondue added another dimension to the vegetable as it got hotter over time. My girlfriend and I were also in love with the sashimi selection that consisted of blue fin tuna, medium fatty tuna, tuna, Scottish salmon and sea urchin. All of the pieces had high level of freshness and awesome texture that I lamented the fact that there only two pieces each for the fish. Lobster mac and cheese that followed also had aromatic flavor without excessive level of heaviness, perfect for dipping with toasts that came on top.

Lobster Mac and Cheese
Chef’s Holiday Meat Selection (Washugyu Steak, Grilled Chicken and Mongolian BBQ Lamb Chops)

The highlight of the meal, however, clearly belonged to the holiday meat selection. This assortment of washugyu steak, grilled chicken and Mongolian BBQ lamb chops was quite a sight to behold. I really enjoyed all of them. Steak could’ve used a tad less salt sprinkled on top of it, but otherwise the texture was spot on, chicken was also quite nicely cooked and I was quite partial to the sweet touch of BBQ lamb chops that were also grilled the way lamb chops should be grilled in terms of texture. Too bad the portions were a little too much for both of us (even though I was starving before the meal) and we couldn’t finish all of the meat. After the decadent meat fest, the desserts were somewhat more modest, a combination of raspberry sorbet from Morgenstern’s and chocolate buche de noel (think sponge cake) the latter of which was not overly sweet to my liking but I was beyond stuffed by this point so I couldn’t finish it all with my girlfriend.

Raspberry Sorbet from Morgenstern’s
Chocolate Buche de Noel

As noted above, you need a secret telephone number and referral (feel free to send me a direct message if you want to check out this place) to get your foot at the door. The cozy space once you enter the secret door is quite fitting for a date night, although I wish the chairs were a little bit more comfortable. There is full bar with inventive Japanese-inspired cocktail selections that would go very well with your meal. Bohemian is the type of place I would want to go back more often if possible, with satisfying food along with the charming vibe of secret space that I wish I see more often in New York City. After all, we have way too many clubby, glitzy restaurants in the city, right?

KenScale: 8.5/10

  • Creativity: 7.5/10
  • Execution: 8.5/10
  • Ingredients: 8.5/10
  • Flavor: 8.5/10
  • Texture: 8.5/10

Address: 57 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012

Telephone: Secret (Please PM me)



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  1. Hi Ken Thanks for your last two reviews and as I’ve said before you are an excellent chronicler of the contemporary restaurant scene. Would you consider writing a piece for the food boom blog that highlights 10 or so must have dishes for the new year from your favorite NY restos. This Friday we will post a piece about some of SoCal’s best and we like to begin the New Year with an NY /LA brag fest about whose got the best eats. Make sure to read the piece on Friday and i’d be Happy to have your thoughts. PS I will try to get to Nomad for the Italian feast. I thought your review was accurate but I’m not sure that you know that Will Guidaràs family used to own a Famous Italian “tourist spot from the 50´s to 70’s and the Sunday thing is his homage to past red sauce glory. So I’ll go with nostalgic taste expectations. Happy New Year Best wishes. Brian C

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    1. kenscale says:

      Hi Brian, I would be absolutely happy to write something on your blog. Alternatively, I’m planning on posting annual review posts (I just posted one for ex-NY and will do one for NY tomorrow) on my blog so you’re welcome to link that to your post. I have like 24 dishes on my favorite NY dish list, but am happy to trim down to 10 and do separate posting if you prefer. Let me know what you think. NoMad’s Italian American pop-up was good but not great for my taste. Happy New York and may we all have another productive culinary season.


  2. Great ! Thanks Ken
    All 24 could work.
    I look at the post and see how to edit for
    A separate piece on our blog.
    Will be in touch soon.


    1. kenscale says:

      I just posted NY edition. Enjoy and feel free to link to your blog!


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